Want my personalized attention on YOU to move you towards your health goals?

It would be an honour to work with you in examining your health history, current health complaints and coming up with a game plan together as to how you can move forward towards a better life. A life that you feel VIBRANT and, well, like YOU again!

Although I am trained in Naturopathic Medicine, I am not acting in the capacity of your primary health care provider or Naturopathic Doctor.

During these distance consults I am able to offer guidance from my health education and experience in an un-rushed, comfortable setting. We will spend an hour together, diving into your story. You will leave with action steps to explore and move you towards your goals.

I always recommend to run by what we speak about with your local primary health care provider to ensure that any changes you may choose to make are a good fit for you.

I believe that YOU are your best doctor. You know yourself better than anyone else. I will act as a guide and a supportive friend, and will give you my opinions and ideas. I am not providing a "diagnosis" or "treatment", but rather helping you to see what factors may be playing a role in your health, and how you may be able to optimize your health. Take what resonates with you and incorporate it into your health care routine with your local doctor.

I am so excited to get to know you and look forward to hearing your voice at our session together!

60 minute consult with Jennifer Brown : $150