Free yourself from the "age-accelerators" that are causing you to look and feel older than you are!

Hi there, Beautiful!

Stop looking around you...YES, I'm talking to YOU!

Maybe you feel like you've lost your glow, or you just don't look and feel quite like yourself these days?

You're tired.

And you feel like you are starting to look...dare I say...OLD!

I think every woman has that moment where aging becomes real. Do you remember that first wrinkle you noticed? Maybe it was during a visit to an amusement park and a roller coaster that you used to love just ain't loving you back the way it used to. The only roller coaster you find yourself riding these days are your moods! And oh the Stress!)

Maybe you have witnessed the aging of a parent, friend or other relative. It’s scary, right?

Doesn’t every year seem to pass by quicker than the last? You know the feeling when you are chatting with a good friend about a movie you loved, and you look up the release date that it came to theatres and it was 10 or more years ago, yet you thought you went to see it in theatres last year? (I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m pretty sure there are some real time warps at play here…the only explanation, in my opinion!)

Losing your keys has become the triggering event that cause you to wonder if dementia is starting to set in. Or you go upstairs or downstairs to grab something...something...something...oh god...what was it again?

You worry about cancer, heart attacks, and memory loss. "Am I at risk?" The future can be really scary when you don’t know what it holds for you.

Maybe it feels like you’ve lost control.

I want to help to put you back in the driver’s seat.

The truth is, there are many things that most of us are doing everyday that is accelerating the aging process.

We are living in a way that is:
tiring us out,
impairing our hormone levels,
affecting our mood
slowing our metabolism, causing weight gain and difficult weight loss
stealing our glow
and even contributing to the formation of wrinkles!

So many side effects of the choices that we make every day are leading to the symptoms that we associate with aging. So when you go to the doctor and report these symptoms and they say:

“It is a normal part of aging.”...

I say: “NOT SO FAST!”

This conclusion or excuse is WAY too easily jumped to, and you have so much more control than you realize in slowing down the aging process by addressing, what I like to call the (dun dun dun....) "Age Accelerators”.

I wish for all women to have the opportunity to age beautifully, easily, and vibrantly.

I wish for all women to feel that they truly lived the life they were meant to live. Full of passion and the ability to do whatever it is that they want to do. To feel energetic, optimistic and fully present and available to savour every meaningful relationship she has and to feel that she is able to take part in all of the meaningful activities that she loves.

Without optimal health, which an absence of leads to accelerated aging, and becoming a victim to fatigue, imbalance and disease, I don't believe you can live authentically at 100% of your true purpose of being here. I encourage you to put a priority on your health as it will just make all of the other joys of life that much more within your reach.

I know that change is hard. It is way easier to keep doing what you're doing. But what if what you are doing isn't leading you to where you want to go?

You know that you need to do something about your health. Perhaps you have tried one supplement or another, or made one resolution or another, but it is lonely trying to make this change by yourself. It is too easy to either feel overwhelmed in the face of so much health information that is out there and quit even before you get going because you don't know where to start. Or, you meet your new health routine with excitement for a couple of days and then it gets thrown out the window. If you've ever beaten yourself up over this, don't. You would be in the majority of people. It is a human tendency to maintain status quo. We don't like change.

But you WANT to change. You WANT to feel better. And to get different results, you need to take different actions. But you don't want to feel overwhelmed.

This is why I've created a program, called Clean Body, to guide women, like you, through this health-transformative process that can be really overwhelming to tackle on your own.

Clean Body is a 10 week online program for women that feel they are starting to look and feel older than they are. And for women that are interested in taking a preventative stance that want to be empowered with the information that will help to support them to age in the healthiest way they can.

On the surface, it’s about anti-aging (or, how I prefer to call it "optimal aging", or "anti-accelerated aging"!) and looking and feeling younger and preventing the chronic diseases of aging.

But really, it is about freeing ourselves from those things that are hi-jacking our health and speeding up the aging process. It’s about optimizing the aging process so that you can look and feel younger longer. It’s about loving how you feel, and having the vitality to spend time with those you love and the energy to DO what you love for longer.

So really, it’s one big love-fest! Love is why we’re here isn’t it?
Love life. Love others. Love yourself. Love what you do. Having an optimally healthy body and protecting our health over the long term lets us fully live this purpose.

Clean Body is designed for people who want to reclaim the vitality they deserve. People who struggle with their energy levels, sleep and other symptoms experienced with aging.

It’s for women that aren’t willing to settle for hearing these symptoms are “just a normal part of aging.”

It's for women that understand the importance of being healthy as they age but struggle with the steps to get them there.

In the Clean Body program, you will be able to:
-identify the most important age-accelerators
-articulate how these age-accelerators actually do, in fact, increase the symptoms you are experiencing (or want to avoid experiencing!)
-take step-by-step action to reduce your exposure to these powerful age-accelerators that you are facing every day!
-gain the peace of mind that you are living in a way that isn't causing you to look and feel older than you are.

And best of all, you will feel EMPOWERED with your new awareness of how these choices you make affect the aging process and you will love the simplicity of making this transition one step at a time to adapt it into your new lifestyle.

The doors have not yet opened for registration for Clean Body. Please email me or make sure you are on my mailing list to be notified once enrolment opens to make sure that you have first dibs on one of the limited spots. Then get ready to live the long, healthy, beautiful, vibrant, and empowered life you deserve.

(And you’re darn right, you’ll be asked what your secret is!)

CLICK HERE to jump in line for Clean Body!Contact me to find out more details and about how you can join us!

Clean Body Program Features:

Weekly Training Videos

Each week, these videos will teach you what the age-accelorators are, where they are found, and what you can do about them. Your access to these videos allows you to watch, and re-watch them as often as you like!

PDF Downloads:

Each module includes beautiful PDFs to support you in achieving your goals. These include: Commitment and Accountability worksheets, shopping guides, checklists, tracking calendars, symptom trackers, and more!

Time-Saving Transcripts

All videos have accompanying transcripts. Want to quickly reference something you heard in a video? Scan the transcript to find exactly what you were looking for!


Course content can be accessed on your choice of computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. So you can kick back and relax on the couch with the course in the palm of your hand, if that's your style!

Private Members-Only Access

Receive a unique, private login to access course content only available to Clean Body members in the private, members-only area of the website.

Web-Based Content Delivery

Access the entire program from the comfort of your own home. No travel necessary. Comfy pj's optional!

24-7 Access

Access course content any day, any time. This program is designed to fit into your schedule, no matter what you have going on!

Jump in line for Clean Body!Contact me to find out more details and about how you can join us!